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LAS Art Foundation presents Shu Lea Cheang with UKI at Kranzler Eck | 21.07. + 22.07.2023

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LAS Art Foundation presents the Berlin premiere of UKI, a science fiction feature film by artist Shu Lea Cheang (b. 1954 in Taiwan). UKI continues Cheang’s cyberpunk film I.K.U. (2000). It thus forms the culmination of her fourteen-year artistic exploration of themes such as viral love, bio-hacking and queer futures. The film screenings will take place on two consecutive evenings in July at Kranzler Eck. The event will be accompanied by a panel discussion and sound performances; among others by Aérea Negrot, Royal Dust, Mieko Suzuki, Dennis Gundlach, Saint Precious, Rey KM Domurat and Tobias Freund.

Image above: Shu Lea Chang, UKI, 2023

Shu Lea Cheang is celebrated for her cross-genre contributions to queer cinema and media art. Her multidisciplinary work addresses issues of institutional oppression, social inequality, sexual politics and global capitalism. The lives of marginalised populations are central to her work, in which Cheang often uses science fiction to create new social norms and alternative notions of bodily agency and autonomy. An early proponent of net art, Cheang has been exploring the narrative potential of new technologies since the 1990s. She has a particular focus on the impact of technology on bodies and social interactions. In recent years, Cheang has increasingly explored digital surveillance and biotechnology.

UKI takes a topical look at how bodies are regulated, monitored, optimised and exploited. The film tells a science fiction story reminiscent of the recent pandemic and looks at biomedical practices such as genetic engineering and data collection, as well as the effects of toxic waste pollution. Continuing the I.K.U. story, the film follows Reiko, a:e humanoid:r replicant:in created by biotechnology company GENOM Corp. to collect orgasm data.

Als veraltete Technologie wird Reiko auf einer Mülldeponie namens E-Trashville entsorgt, wo versucht wird, das System neu aufzubauen und zu rebooten. Mithilfe verschiedener Mutant:innen, Replikant:innen und transgenen Kreaturen, die ebenfalls im E-Müll leben, tritt Reiko als UKI-Virus in Erscheinung, um die Bevölkerung vor der GENOM Corp. zu

In addition to the film screenings, LAS presents an accompanying programme of events, thus expanding the cinematic universe of UKI. Installations and performances derived from scenes from UKI will be restaged.

On Friday, 21 July 2023, Cheang and queer cultural theorist João Florêncio will give an introduction to the film before the Berlin premiere. This will be followed by performances with the cast and crew.

On Saturday 22 July 2023, visitors can expect a musical programme inspired by the UKI and I.K.U. soundtracks, with live performances and DJ sets by Royal Dust, Mieko Suzuki, Dennis Gundlach, Saint Precious, Rey KM Domurat and Tobias Freund. Venezuelan singer, producer and electro musician Aérea Negrot, who adapted I.K.U.’s film score for UKI, will lead the programme.

Tickets will be available promptly at las-art.foundation.com.

Film duration: 80 minutes


Friday, 21 July 2023
7 pm: Admission
20:00: Welcome and talk with Shu Lea Cheang and João Florêncio
21:30: Film Screening UKI
22:50: DJ & dome projection

Saturday, 22 July 2023
20 h: Admission
21h: Welcome
21:30: Film screening UKI
11 pm onwards: DJ & sound performances

LAS Art Foundation im Kranzler Eck
Kantstraße 160
10623 Berlin

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