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DCA~OPEN Gallery Tour – Dresden | 23.09.2023

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The DCA~OPEN gallery tour on 23 September offers visitors a selection of performative and media art projects in and from Dresden. The Media Art Network, which is part of DCA e. V., has organised a wide range of performances, exhibitions, sound and spatial installations and concerts and is presenting numerous new productions from the field of contemporary media art in the Büro für gute Maßnahmen (Office for Good Measures) and the C.Rockefeller Center in the Hechtviertel, among other places.

Fig. above: Exhibition view, Tatjana Doll, TOUR-ISMUS, Centre for Building Culture Saxony, Photo: Martin Eberle

This year’s DCA~OPEN gallery tour presents a variety of insights into contemporary art. An ideal opportunity to get in touch directly with artists and gallery owners. Guided tours and workshops will take place at Kunsthaus Dresden, Kunstausstellung Kühl, Kunsthaus Raskolnikow, SLUB Dresden, Galerie in der Zentralbibliothek, Zentrum für Baukultur Sachsen (ZfBK), Galerie parablau – blaue FABRIK, Werkgalerie Kreative Werkstatt and Galerie der Kustodie of the TU Dresden.

The Colombian Juan Miguel Restrepo Valdes has made a name for himself as a wanderer between worlds. He experimentally combines joie de vivre and melancholy in his modern visual worlds that incorporate space (Neue Galerie project space). The French media artist and photographer Isabelle Le Minh reinterprets media art and industrial history (Technische Sammlungen Dresden). We look at amateur and travel films, ethnographic studies and experimental art off the beaten track at SLUB.

With Tatjana Doll at Galerie Gebr. Lehmann, Christine Falk at galerie drei and Katerina Belkina at Coderitter, visitors to the gallery tour can expect exciting openings.

In GEH8, pop-up readings from the anthology “*TOPIE” face each other in all directions of the WERKRaum. Peter Klar takes a sarcastic, humorous look at the “world theatre” that is constantly being made by people (art exhibition Kühl). In the Gallery goldene Pforte you can enter into dialogue with Frank Lippold’s wood-carved lemurs. Lois Weinberger opens the view for a critical questioning of the relationship between man and nature. Poetic and whacky unfolds “Centaurs. Let the Wind Speak” – Gregor Kunz forms a tense balance of the senses with his collages and montages.

The DCA~OPEN is an event of the association friends of dresdencontemporaryart e. V. and is funded by the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony and the City of Dresden, Office for Culture and Monument Protection.

All events and further information on the gallery tour 2023 at dresdencontemporaryart.com.


City of Dresden
Neues Rathaus
10167 Dresden


DCA~OPEN Gallery Tour: Saturday, 23.09.2023, full day
All dates and events in the context of DCA~OPEN 2023 at dresdencontemporaryart.com

COSTS? Admission free

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