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Catherine Opie: Gay Pride – Lehmann Maupin

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In celebration of Pride Month, Lehmann Maupin releases a new limited-edition print by beloved Los Angeles-based photographer Catherine Opie, who has spent the last three decades examining the construction of identity in America through her own queer lens. A portion of the sales will be donated to Callen-Lorde, a New York-based organization dedicated to LGBTQ+ healthcare.

Image above: Catherine Opie, Gay Pride, 1990, 1990/2024

Titled Gay Pride, 1990 and printed in a limited-edition of 25, Opie delved into her personal archive to revisit her formative years in California. Shot on a 35mm camera during a Gay Pride parade in San Francisco in 1990, this photograph symbolizes a time of liberation in the artist’s life. For Opie, the work captures the freedom that she finally felt in her 20s after coming out and embracing her sexual identity.

The image also serves as a powerful reminder to contemporary society of the incredible strides that the LGBTQ+ community has made to protect their rights since the 1980s, especially at a time when these civil liberties are once again being questioned and challenged by policymakers in America. Concurrently, her exhibition at MASP in São Paulo is up this summer.

DEEDS.NEWS - Lehmann Maupin - Catherine Opie 1
Catherine Opie in her Los Angeles studio with Gay Pride, 1990, 1990/2024

“My work comes out of incredible love and dialogue with people who share my queer identity with me and what it meant at that time in our lives.” — Catherine Opie

Gay Pride, 1990 is part of an ongoing series of prints released by Lehmann Maupin, along with Los Angeles Women’s March, 2017. In both photographs, Opie bears witness to definitive movements in American culture.


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