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TERRE DES FEMMES | Charity Art Auction | Berlinische Galerie | 19.10.2019

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The proceeds from the TERRE DES FEMMES charity art auction (October 19th, 2019, Berlinische Galerie) will go 100% to charitable work to protect girls from gender-specific violence. 49 artists support the work by making their works available for auction. The aim of the charity auction is not only to invest in art, but also in an equal, self-determined and free future for girls.

Image above: Jonathan Meese, “FRUITY FRÄULEIN FRUITY DE LARGE SERIES” 13, Acrylic, Mixed Media on Paper, 70 cm x 50 cm, 2015, Starting Price: 4.000 € © Photo: Jan Bauer, Courtesy Jonathan Meese 2015

For this year’s TERRE DES FEMMES charity art auction, artists were carefully selected who not only impress with the high quality of their artistic work, but also reflect the current zeitgeist. In addition to the artists who have supported TERRE DES FEMMES since the first charity auction, new established artists and young talents could be won for the auction by specifically addressing them. The result is an exciting mixture of contemporary positions from photography, drawing, sculpture and painting.

DEEDS NEWS -Terre-des-Femmes-Vanessa-Beecroft-2005
Vanessa Beecroft, (stille Auktion), VB55, Piezo pigment prints on Hahnemuhic photo rag, 61cm x 50,8 cm, 2005, Startpreis: 750 €


Karin Anarchia, Tom Anholt, Christian August, Vanessa Beecroft, Norbert Bisky, Anja Bohnhof, Katrin Bremermann, Walter Dahn, Andreas Dauerer, Tatjana Doll, Till Gerhard, Hell Gette, Stefanie Gutheil, Barbara Haag, Thilo Heinzmann, Candida Höfer, Eva-Maria Horstick, Michelle Jezierski, Miriam Jonas, Aneta Kajzer, Nando Kallweit, Felix Kiessling, Simone Kornfeld, Susanne Kühn, Jiny Lan, Nicole Leidenfrost, Catherine Lorent, Takeshi Makishima, Judith Milberg, Gerold Miller, Eglė Otto, Danni Pantel, Karin Sander, Guido Sieber, Titus Schade, Klaus Staeck, Rosemarie Trockel, Nasan Tur, Miriam Vlaming, Julius von Bismarck, Karl-Luis Vossbeck, Martin Werthmann, Sascha Weidner,  Bettina WitteVeen, Thomas Zipp.


The works in the campaign can be viewed on the Homepage or in the auction catalogue. The catalogue can be ordered via kunstauktion@frauenrechte.de. The submission of an advance or telephone bid is possible until 17.10.2019. For planning purposes, bidders and guests will also be asked to register by 17.10.2019 using the following form or by e-mail to kunstauktion@frauenrechte.de. Of course, spontaneous supporters will also be registered on site on the day of the event.


At 3 pm the bidder registration and the preview of the works will open in the Berlinische Galerie.

At 7 pm, TDF Ambassador Joy Denalane and Federal Managing Director Christa Stolle opened the auction with a talk about the work of TERRE DES FEMMES.

7:15 pm Start of the live auction with Joëlle Romba, director of Sotheby’s Berlin.

Around 9:30 pm Nina Hoss, TDF ambassador, will announce the proceeds of the evening and invite you to an informal get-together (until 10:30 pm)

Christa Stolle, Federal Managing Director of TERRE DES FEMMES e.V., and Barbara Green, Curator of the charity auction, are delighted about the lively participation.


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