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REVIEW + 3D TOUR: 50/50 – The Matter of Duality

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In January 2020, the huge art exhibition “50/50 – The Matter of Duality” with more than 100 Berlin artists took place for ten days (18.01.-28.01.) in Berlin Wedding in the Paul-Fleischmann-Haus, a former student dormitory and studio house. The self-initiated art spectacle, which stretched over two floors of the 1970s building, was curated by the painter Grigori Dor and the performance and video artist Mascha Naumova. The whole thing was actually planned as a birthday happening for Grigori Dor.

The original idea of organizing a happening with 50 (sic!) well-connected Berlin artists on the occasion of his 50th birthday and to exhibit one work of each participant quickly developed into a huge group exhibition and showcase of over 100 young and emerging Berlin artists. Implemented with a consistency from which the art scene can certainly learn something.

In an art metropolis where, although there are around 400 galleries, but not every one of the (according to rumors) 10,000 Berliners artists is represented by such an association, artistic self-responsibility, commitment, a good network and lasting initiative on high level is immanently important to ensure the necessary visibility for the art produced here. If such an exhibition concept like is conceived together and many different artists are involved instead of excluding this diversity and working against each other to be the supposed sole beneficiary of such an action, then all participants win: artists whose works are seen and visitors who want to get an exciting overview of the Berlin art scene, discover new things and observe developments. In a time, in which gallery owners are affected by the overall economic situation as well as through the never-ending stream of young, upcoming artists a concept such as that of Grigori Dor and Mascha Naumova shows a sensible way to increase the visibility of art and artists.

Because visibility is the key word that must be at stake from our point of view. Art by young, talented artists that is not seen because it is not given the opportunity to be seen is a tragic, almost catastrophic loss of current issues, perspectives, discourse approaches, reflections, transparencies and perhaps proposals for solutions to the great questions of this time and for us as a society.

DEEDS NEWS -Grigori-Dor-Mascha-Naumova-Portrait-2020
Grigori Dor + Mascha Naumova

Not only the visitors and participating artists paid much respect to Mascha Naumova and Grigori Dor for their initiative. We from DEEDS were also enthusiastic about the diversity of the exhibition as well as the fact that artists (and mind you, not gallery owners or cultural event planners) can initiate, curate, bring together and implement a show with over 100 local artists and their works at this level in the shortest possible time.

DEEDS. in cooperation with ART@Berlin has recorded this exhibition as a 3D tour. We would like to recommend you to visit it – take your time for this over a delicious coffee or a good glass of wine. Make yourself comfortable, stroll through the exhibitions and get to know more than 100 Berlin artists, who have their roots in many countries, and their works. Share this experience with your friends. If you like a work of art, just contact us at the editorial office (post@artatberlin.com) or directly send an email to the artists. You will usually find the names of the artists at the artwork – and Google will show you the way to contact them.

Participating artists:

1UP, Danja Akulin, Minor Alexander, Deniz Alt, Erik Andersen, Maria Balanovskaya, Bardolim/Voronzov, Christoph Bartolmäs, Fehmi Baumbach, Allan Bestle, Sabine Beyerle, Sebastian Bieniek, Aljoscha Blau, Isabelle Borges, Joanna Buchowska, Ulrike Buhl, Heloisa Corrêa, Genia Chef, Grigori Dor, Kerstin Dzewior, Otgonbayar Ershuu, Łukasz Furs, Şifa Girinci GODsDOGs Evgeny Dybsky, Julija Goyd, Alexei Gordin, Harald Gottschling, Anna Grau, Lennart Grau, Jens Hausmann, Simone Haack, Stefanie Hillich, René Holm, Katrin Kampmann, Liudmila Kartoshkina-Siewerski, Yulia Kazakova, Kanta Kimura, Jan Sebastian Koch, Ira Konyukhova, Frederic Krauke, Andrei Krioukov, Kathrin Landa, Jesper Hyuk Larsen, Anett Lau, Kennet Lekko, Miriam Lenk, Inna Levinson, Joelle Meißner, Mascha Naumova, Nguyen Xuan Huy, Mocx Dabbert, Anastasia Obaregbe, Jurgen Ostarhild, Justine Otto, Pakhom, Manfred Peckl, Wolfgang Petrick, Richard Rabensaat , Jakob Roepke, Sven Potschien, Dario Puggioni, Monika Radzewicz, Sven Reile, Max Renneisen, Cornelia Renz, Yannick Riemer, Römer + Römer, Michael Rohde, Victoria Rosenman, Daniel Sambo-Richter, Manuela Sambo, Susanne Schirdewahn, Natascha Schwarz, Jutta Scheiner, Tanja Selzer, Kerstin Serz, Semra Sevin, Fabian Seyd, Luzia Simons, Zuzanna Zita Skiba, Alexander Skorobogatov, Moritz Schleime, Dina Shneider, Jonny Star, Doménico CV Talarico, Christian Thoelke, Kata Unger, Luis Uribe, Miriam Vlaming, Armin Völckers, Maria Volokhova, Sergey Voronzov, Marco Wachsmuth, Sador Weinsčlucker, we.n.u, Peter Wilde, Christopher Winter, René Wirths, Burkhard Witzmann, Thomas Wommelsdorf und Igor Zaidel.

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