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CHAUSSEE 36 PHOTO FOUNDATION shows: Ukrainian Women Photographers Organisation – In the Name of Freedom | 02.04.- 01.05.2022

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In response to the war, the group exhibition “In the Name of Freedom” is being realised by the CHAUSSEE 36 PHOTO FOUNDATION in cooperation with the photographers of the Ukrainian Women Photographers Organization. Conceived purely as a fundraising project, the proceeds from the sale of prints from the exhibition and drinks will be donated to the non-profit organisation Be an Angel in Berlin, which supports Ukrainian refugees.

Image above: Lesya Teslya, On the brink, © Lesya Teslya, Courtesy of the artist

The exhibition “In the Name of Freedom” brings together photographs that show the many facets of a country between tradition and modernity. A kaleidoscope of images emerges: young girls of bygone times and transfigured grandmothers, yellow-blue dachas and Soviet buildings, Molhotov cocktails and iPhones to taste. In all their subjectivity, these Ukrainian artists and women give us an intimate, documentary, tragic and surreal vision of a country in transition and now at war.

DEEDS NEWS - Personal Space - (c) Xenia Petrovska
Xenia Petrovska, Personal Space, © Xenia Petrovska, Courtesy of the artist

The Ukrainian Women Photographers Organisation is a community of about 100 women photographers. In 2020, the organisation was founded by artist and curator Hanna Melnykova with the aim of uniting women photographers around the world, especially in Ukraine. By holding regular exhibitions, the association aims to support women artists and raise the profile of Ukrainian photography internationally.

DEEDS NEWS - (c) Olesia Saienko
Olesia Saienko, © Olesia Saienko, Courtesy of the artist

The non-profit CHAUSSEE 36 PHOTO FOUNDATION has been showing historical as well as contemporary photography since 2015. It houses the Heinz Hajek-Halke Estate as well as the Collection de Gambs, which includes photo books and photographs from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day. The focus is on experimental photography, the examination of Berlin history and on nude photography as well as the subject of eroticism. A place that invites discussion and reflection and at the same time offers a platform for socially relevant topics.

DEEDS NEWS - babusi004 - (c) Elena Subach
Elena Subach, babusi004, © Elena Subach, Courtesy of the artist


Exhibition dates: Saturday, April 2nd – Sunday, May 1st 2022
Opening hours: Thursday – Saturday, 1 – 3 pm


Chausseestraße 36
10115 Berlin-Mitte


Admission free

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