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Art Station at Wolfsburg Central Station: Brujas, Putas, Regalos de Dios |22.09.2022-12.03.2023

Editors’ Choice

For her installation Brujas, Putas, Regalos de Dios (Witches, Whores, God’s Gifts) in the art station (> Kunst-Station) of Wolfsburg Central Station, Anna Ehrenstein works in collaboration with Will Fredo, a non-binary artist* in. Anna Ehrenstein was born in Germany in 1993. She lives and works in Berlin. As the daughter of Albanian parents, she often takes her own biographical background as a starting point for her artistic practice.

Image above: Santa Boogie © Anna Ehrenstein with Will Fredo, KOW Berlin & Office Impart.

At first glance, the installation at Wolfsburg main station transforms the waiting area into a Christian devotional space of the kind we are usually only familiar with from sacred sites such as churches. On closer inspection, this irritating situation turns out to be a radical counter-design and critique of the unquestioned tradition of devotional or altar images. A performance artist from Brooklyn and a trans activist from Bogota are shown as pop-modern representations of Christian figures of salvation. The contemporary representation of the saints Santa Marta La Dominadora or Santa Barbara challenges us to question our own habitual and practised patterns of perception and to sharpen our subjective view of women as well as underrepresented or discriminated marginalised groups in our society.


Wolfsburg Central Station

In cooperation with
Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg
Schlossstraße 8
38448 Wolfsburg


Thursday, 22 September 2022 until Sunday, 12 March 2023

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