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Berlin gallery presents rediscovered modernism in Bern

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On August 21st, 2019, around 100 guests gathered at the residence of the German ambassador in Bern for the vernissage of the exhibition presentation “Wiederentdeckte Moderne”, initiated by the Berlin salon gallery “Die Möwe”.

The guests were impressed by the approximately 30 paintings and sculptures by artists Theo Balden, Herbert Behrens-Hangeler, Erwin Hahs, Gerhart Hein, Fritz Kuhr, Karl Kunz, Curt Lahs, Lotte Laserstein, Georg Meistermann, Werner Scholz and others.

Image above: Exhibition view “Wiederentdeckte Moderne” in the residence of the German ambassador in BerlinAusstellungsansicht

With the presentation “Wiederentdeckte Moderne”, the Berlin salon gallery “Die Möwe” presents itself in the Swiss capital until December 15th, 2019.

DEEDS NEWS -Salongalerie-die-Moewe-in-Deutscher-Botschaft-in-Bern-IMG_1573
The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bern together with his wife (left), the Möwe team Claudia Wall (3rd from right) and Helena Feuerbach (2nd from right), and the art historian and laudator of the evening Dr. Owesle (right).

For several years now, the salon gallery “Die Möwe” has been devoting itself primarily to artists of the Classical Modern period who were unjustly largely forgotten as a result of the years of National Socialism in Germany and the aftermath of the Second World War. Fortunately, many of them have been rediscovered in recent years, giving their work a visible and dignified place in art history. Other artists have yet to receive adequate public appreciation.

DEEDS NEWS -Salongalerie-die-Moewe-in-Deutscher-Botschaft-in-Bern-IMG_1578
Guests at the reception in the Ambassador’s Residence

The concern of the “Möwe” to bring forgotten modernist artists back into the public consciousness attracted the interest of the German ambassador to Switzerland. Not least because after 1933, Swiss networks were often life-saving for German artists. In the neutral neighbouring country, they found opportunities to develop freely artistically and to go new ways.

Thus, this joint exhibition project sees itself as a contribution to the continuation of cultural cooperation between Germany and Switzerland. Against the historical background of their creation, the exhibited works appear as an expression of an unshakeable belief in the freedom of art.

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