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Pascal Mayet – Project presentation of the RESIDENZPFLICHT scholarship programme for refugee artists in modular accommodation in Berlin

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Pascal Mayet (*1980) describes everyday spaces and situations as small glimpses of the world. He expresses his observations, encounters, stories and thoughts in drawings and texts. The artist, who lives in Copenhagen, spent a certain amount of time drawing in the same place every day in his accommodation in Berlin. On 16 September 2022, the RESIDENZPFLICHT scholarship programme invites you to Pascal Mayet’s project presentation at the end of the 9th residency. 

Image above Pascal Mayet, Foto: Simone Fuchs, 2022

RESIDENZPFLICHT is a project by the artist group msk7. For the art project, ten modular shelters for refugees (MUFs) in Berlin are alternately and temporarily extended by a mobile module in which ten international scholarship holders live and work artistically for one month. The aim of the project is to temporarily open up the self-contained refugee accommodation for approaches and developments in contemporary art. “RESIDENZPFLICHT formulates questions regarding strangeness that can be posed and linked in many ways – the strangeness between the art-affiliated and non-art-affiliated public, the strangeness between residents from the neighbourhood and the refugees, the strangeness between the one-month guest and the long-term residents of the accommodation,” says the artists’ group msk7. 

In 2017, the design RESIDENZPFLICHT was awarded 2nd prize and the realisation recommendation in the Berlin-wide open art-in-building competition for the modular accommodation for refugees, offered by the State of Berlin, represented by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, commissioned by the Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing in coordination with the State Office for Refugee Affairs.


MUF Wolfgang-Heinz-Straße 45 A-G, 13125 Berlin / Buch (Karow) 


10th Artist in Residence: Benedikt Stoll (23 September – 21 October)

Public welcome: 23 September, 5 p.m.

MUF Am Beelitzhof, 14129 Berlin / Steglitz-Zehlendorf (Nikolassee)

The artist and architect Benedikt Stoll (*1988, lives in Berlin) works in the field of tension between temporary architecture, participatory urban development and site-specific art in public space. In the month of his residency, he initiates an “AGORA COMMITTEE” from among the residents and accompanies the implementation of projects proposed and realised by it. 

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