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NEJISTÉ SITUACE – Prague city Gallery | 22.05.-10.11.2024

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Prague City Gallery presents an exhibition from the Nejisté situace series from 22 May 2024. Now in its third year, the Nejisté situace series presents various possibilities of dialogue between a work of art, a musical composition and its surroundings. Carefully selected works from the collections of the Municipal Gallery in Prague serve as inspiration for new compositions by contemporary composers from around the world, adding a new temporal dimension to the artwork. One of the main intentions of the Uncertain Situations series is to achieve a slowed-down temporality and a contemplative tendency of all audiovisual installations.

Abb. oben: Foto © Galerie hlavního města Prahy, Veronika Svobodová

“We believe that deceleration creates space for reflection and promotes the ability to experience, intuition and empathy. Only when we step out of the realm of immediate visual sensations into a differently structured temporality of auditory sensations can we see where we can go when we hear chords through a geometric sculpture; when we look at the delicate line of a drawing through the prism of the rushing notes of a clarinet; when we walk through a baroque castle illuminated by slowed-down sounds and images,” say exhibition curators Jitka Hlaváčková and Ian Mikyska.

The exhibition Album zpomalených obrazů on both floors and in the cellars of Troja Castle includes artworks and recordings of compositions by the Prague Quiet Music Collective, with whom the Municipal Gallery of Prague has been collaborating on this project for a long time. The ensemble, led by dramaturge and composer Ian Mikysky, focuses on contemporary music with an emphasis on deceleration, calm, contemplation and heightened attention to the details of sound. Furthermore, at a certain point, an element of interlinking the reciprocal reactions of sound and image becomes an ongoing dialogue: Two visual artists were asked to respond to pieces already created as part of Uncertain Situations.

DEEDS NEWS NEJISTÉ SITUACE - Prag Stadt Galerie Radoslav Kratina
Foto © Galerie hlavního města Prahy, Radoslav Kratina

“You might think that the title of the exhibition only refers to the visual dimension of the theme. But it is what the music from the loudspeakers or headphones headphones. The music, which necessarily always takes place in time, draws our attention to a temporality that we otherwise tend to ignore in the gallery: How long does it take to get to a particular work of art? How long do I stand still before I approach it and look at it up close? When do I look at it in motion and when and for how long do I stand still? And what happens when I What happens when I move ‘between’ the works – and thus the experience?” the curators add.

For the possibility of concentrated listening, the cosa.cz studio in the castle halls was created as a series of environments that define an autonomous space for individual audiovisual interventions and at the same time enter into a dialogue with the baroque morphology of the castle. The exhibition is accompanied by a small catalogue with excerpts from the authors’ scores. All works and musical compositions are accompanied in the catalogue by curatorial texts by the two authors of the concept – curator Jitka Hlaváčková and composer Ian Mikyska, or an author’s commentary by the other composers.


Exhibition period:
Wednesday, 22. May until Thursday, 10. October 2024

Opening hours:
Tue – Thu: 10 am to 6 pm
Fri: 1 pm to 6 pm
Sat – Sun: 10 am to 6 pm

Accompanying programme:
Yoga with Live-Musik (Jana Návratová a Ctirad Macháně) – Troja Castle, large hall: Wednesday, 5. June 2024, at 6 pm
Guided tour of the exhibitions with curators and some authors – Troja Castle: Sunday, 9. June 2024, at 3 pm
Ferst Dadler: Republic Troja, Continuous performance in the garden – Troja castle garden: Thursday, 18. July 2024
Performance Veronika Svobodová – Wine cellar of Troja Castle: Tuesday, 30. July 2024, at 6 pm
Opening of the new works in the exhibition Album zpomalených obrazů- Wine cellar of Troja Castle: Thursday, 22. August, at 6 pm
Day for the Troy Basin: at 4 pm Guided tour with curators, at 5 pm Performance by Martin Janicek and lecture on hidden streams in Troy: Monday, 23. September 2024
Concert by the Prague Silent Music Collective, main programme accompanying the exhibition – Troja Castle: Sunday, 6. October 2024, at 6 pm
Festival Alternativa – Troja Castle: Saturday, 2. November and Sunday, 3. November 2024


Galerie hlavního města Prahy
Zámek Troja
U Trojského zámku 1/4, 170 00 Praha 7


Regular: 200 CZK (8 €)
Reduced: 90 CZK (3,6 €)

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