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TANZTAGE BERLIN 2019 | SOPHIENSAELE | 09.-19.01.2019

Editors’ Choice

In the 28th edition of Tanztage Berlin, the city’s young choreographers once again present themselves in all their diversity. This year many of the productions deal with the perception of one’s own body and that of others. 

Image above: The Idea of Satisfaction – Photo India Roper Evans

DEEDS NEWS -Sophiensaele_foto_gender-euphoria_c_niklas-van-shwarzdorn_presse
Gender Euphoria – Photo Niklas van Shwarzdorn

What do we attribute to a body, when do we see it as unpredictable and in need of help, when as controllable and strong? In theory, there are no limits to the possibilities, but in practice we are exposed to social norms that restrict our view. Bodies are pressed into forms, but also question them and blow them up. The fictitious potential of bodies opens up undreamt-of dimensions: They reinvent themselves using drag techniques or approach non-human organisms using mimicry.

DEEDS NEWS-Sophiensaele_foto_skinned_c_aleks-slota_presse-1024x683
Skinned – Photo Aleks Slota

Two choreographers from Egypt will be guests at Around the World this year, providing insights into the Cairo dance scene.
This year, for the first time, audio descriptions will be offered for selected performances, and the feedback format Let’s Talk About Dance once again initiates an exchange between artists and audience. A choreographed conversation brings together Berlin activists, politically engaged dance professionals and audience members alike, to discuss how the dance community and civil society can mutually support each other in their fight against the rise of the right.

DEEDS NEWS -Sophiensaele_foto_soft-offer_c_ulrich-bauss_presse-1024x683
Soft Offer – Photo Ulrich Bauss

WITH Angela Alves, Olympia Bukkakis, Nina Burkhardt, Anjal Chande/ The Soham Dance Project, Léonard Engel, Forough Fami, Mirjam Gurtner, Perel, Julia Rodriguez, Kareth Schaffer, Annegret Schalke, Nagham Salah Othman, Shaymaa Shoukry, Tchivett


Sophienstraße 18
10178 Berlin-Mitte

U-Bahn Weinmeisterstraße, S-Bahn Hackescher Markt, S-Bahn Oranienburger Straße

In the complete house
Tickets 15/10 EURO
Partys + Let’s Talk About Dance + Diskussion – FREE ADMISSION

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